Diaries of Nepal 18 // Matatirtha, Nepal

I'm sad that this post marks one of my very last posts of the like. Yet rejuvenated it means the beginning of a new kind. The past 8 months of my journey have been mostly about absorbing the culture as it has come to me - capturing  scenery, different perspectives and everyday life here. Coming up in a few weeks I will begin sharing a different angle to my time here...more focused angles to life in Nepal including stories and themes that have been meaningful to me.

Over the course of my stay in Nepal I have really begun to explore the meaning of what the "joy of the journey" looks like. In life, many times we feel like giving up, but it's when we choose to carry on that we find our greatest strengths and our greatest victories. Due to the length of my stay here, I've been able to visit more than one village twice to get a deeper glimpse into what authentic life really looks like for some of these people. This time, it was Matatirtha village ("mother sacred place" in Nepali). See first post here. About an hour's bus-ride away from Kathmandu city, Matatirtha is situated at the foot of a jungle covered mountain where tigers and deer have been spotted. The village sees several inches of rain each year and fresh water from the mountain serves a basic need of the inhabitants. Water, though plenty here, is one of the many natural resources that have yet to be better managed in Nepal. That day it rained so I was honored to be able to capture some of my first photos of my subjects "in the rain". I hope you will enjoy.

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